News: Welcome to Astronomy World!

Welcome to Astronomy World!

    A little about myself and astronomy:    I created this world because I love astronomy.  I really, really, love astronomy. When I was ten, I went to a restaurant and saw a huge wall mural of the Andromeda Galaxy. At my house, we had a tiny refractor telescope. I knew this wasn't enough, so I bought (with help) an 8 inch Dobsonian reflector.  I looked up one time to try to find something to look at and saw something fuzzy- the Orion Nebula.  This is when I really got into using my telescope.  I still have my Dobsonian, but I am hoping to get a new telescope or an azimuth mount for it.  I love taking my telescope anywhere to observe anything! 

    I wanted a place to post my astronomy-related projects and news, and to have a place for you to post to the corkboard and start forum threads.  Posts in this world can include how-tos, interesting pictures, questions, art, and anything else.  The subjects included can be deep space, crafts, models, papercraft, space-age looking things, and lots more.  I will try to update this world a few times a week, or as often as I can.

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What a great addition to our WonderHowTo galaxy! Can't wait to see the direction this world goes in. I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for cool content to share.


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