News: Top 5 Extraordinary Types of Stars!

Top 5 Extraordinary Types of Stars!

There is many different types of stars in the universe. Majority of them are red dwarf stars. However, there are plenty of stars like ordinary stars (like our sun), red giants, blue stars and etc. Furthermore, when you look in the night sky, we see a lot of small and bright stars. What people don't know is that there are stars that are not even completely understood by astronomers and scientists.

Types of stars. (used in the video)

  1. Hypervelocity Stars
  2. Cepheids Variable Stars
  3. Shell Stars
  4. Dark Energy Star (Black Holes)
  5. Iron Star (0 of them so far)

All images & resources are in the video description because i don't want to copy and paste the description.

I'm relatively new to this site so I'm just reading the rules and it seems like I didn't break any in this post.

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