News: Watch the First Human Skydive from Space—Faster Than the Speed of Sound

Watch the First Human Skydive from Space—Faster Than the Speed of Sound

Red Bull Stratos sent the first skydiver to space in a weather balloon this past weekend. Free-fall jumper Felix Baumgartner reached 24 miles in altitude in the Earth's upper stratosphere before he leaped from the capsule. Felix reached a maximum speed of 833mph, breaking the sound barrier, before slowing down at the atmosphere, where he finished with a 4:20 minute freefall.

Watch the Quick Replay of the Supersonic Jump from Space

Mission Accomplished!

Headcam Footage

To see Felix's view from his headcam during the initial jump from space, including the dizzying spirial, watch this video.

Full Replay of the Live Jump

If you missed the live broadcast, you can see a replay of the full drop here.

The jump was originally planned for the morning of October 9th, but was delayed due to gusty winds.

Here was some pics from the first failed attempt...

Gallery of the First Attempt on October 9th

The aborted attempt used up their first of 2 gigantic balloons. These balloons, while incredibly expensive, can only be used once, so they only had one more chance to pull off the launch in the coming days.

Did you watch the live jump?

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Awesome. Lifting off shortly!

Too bad they had to abort.

Yeah. Bummer. I was stoked. Maybe during his next attempt, they should change his spacesuit to look like Iron Man.

It's great and I would like to talk about it.

Pretty incredible. I also enjoyed the lego version:

Ha... you beat me to posting that lego video! Too bad it didn't hit the stratosphere, though.

Joesph Kittinger jumped from space, on 11/16/1959

I wouldn't mind skydiving! <3

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