News: Timelapse Footage of a Moonrise

Timelapse Footage of a Moonrise

This is a really quick video I took of a moonrise last year. It has been sped up by a factor of 8 and was taken using a 2600 mm equivalent lens (75 times zoom for a 35 mm lens). The mountain it is rising over is about 40 miles away.

I feel that moonrises and moonsets are completely unappreciated. While they are obviously not as bright as sunrises or sunsets, they still exhibit most of their features. In the proper location you can even see all of the color variations that occur in the solar version, though they will be a bit muted. If you want to find out when the moonrises or moonsets occur I recommend this US Naval Observatory site.  Just click moonrise/moonset and select the state and type in your town's name.

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Cool! I will add that site to the useful links!

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