News: Time-Lapse Video of Sunday's Annular Solar Eclipse

Time-Lapse Video of Sunday's Annular Solar Eclipse

The annular solar eclipse was amazing. It was so much fun watching the sun transform from a thin crescent to a ring and then to a thin crescent going the other direction. I'll be posting up the pictures used to make this video in various resolutions on my photography website over the next few days, all of the way up to the full 16 megapixel ultra-detailed images.

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That was pretty amazing. We caught the eclipse by accident on the way home from Malibu, and we were able to check it out under a lot of fog/cloud cover. Nice video!

I was in Malibu, too! Except... I did not catch the eclipse by accident. The majority of people couldn't even tell a partial eclipse was going on. Even at the peak, people were wondering why I was wearing weird glasses (until I let them use them).

This is amazing. So much detail. You had a near perfect annulus!!! Thanks for sharing.

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