News: Supermoon Pictures from Last Night

Supermoon Pictures from Last Night

Last night was the so called "Supermoon," where the moon was at perigee, which is the closest orbital point to the Earth while the moon was in full phase. This makes the moon appear larger by up to about 14% and brighter by up to around 30%. I went out and used my 5-inch refracting telescope to take several pictures.

Supermoon panorama (original is about 50 MP):

Supermoon Pictures from Last Night

Supermoon panorama with saturation set very high (colors are real, just boosted):

Supermoon Pictures from Last Night

Supermoon rising:

Supermoon Pictures from Last Night

Supermoon rainbow (I think this is just an optical effect in my telescope):

Supermoon Pictures from Last Night

If you want to download these pictures in full resolution or in a number of resolutions appropriate for wallpapers on various devices, including iPhones and iPads, you can go to the astrophotography page on my photography website. Stay tuned for some pictures of the Sun. I'm finally figuring out how to use my solar telescope.

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These are great. I ended up taking some pics, but with only 105mm to work with, the supermoon was... well... not very super. Still fun though!

It was beautiful indeed. The shards of light pierced through the "forest" near my home is was fantastical.

Thats a trip..
I came out that night and my brother in law staring at the moon, he then asks me...
him: what do you see?
me: cheese
him: no, really look at it deeper, can you see what I see?

me: it's hurting my eyes, I'm seeing double now (I have a condition called amblyopia, and only see out of one eye because seeing out both causes double vision)

him: I see a rainbow

me: it's probably just because it's so bright, I'm sure if you stare at a light bulb long enough you'll start seeing a rainbow as well

And then this shows up as an Ad or a suggestion, I never click on Ads but something makes me click on this one and here is the rainbow again, i thought he was just drunk or something

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