News: Quadrantid Meteors and Startrails

Quadrantid Meteors and Startrails

Quadrantid Meteors and Startrails

I took about 700 pictures over 7 hours late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning of the quandrantid meteor shower. I combined the clearest 300 of them to make the star trails, and then went and found individual pictures with the brightest meteors and overlayed them on top. I also found three planes flying overhead and overlayed those as well. The gaps in those plane streaks heading towards the horizon show how long my camera was taking between frames.

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Wow. This is a truly amazing image. Almost hypnotic.

Great shot! and stunning sky. I did think about merging my shots to create startrails, but unfortunatelly I live near the second bussiest airport in the world, that just doesnt seem to sleep.

You could get some awesome merged shots of the airplane trails though!

This is great. I got to observe yesterday- it was really clear! Really, it was completely cloudy all week and yesterday it got clear!

Timelapse video here. Note: this isn't worth watching unless you do it in HD and full screen.

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