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what's your loose plan for this world? any original how-to's on the horizon?

Well, really, I wanted to mix astronomical news and projects.

I'll have to get back to making my wooden geared orrerys.  Though I don't think I can really make a how to on those.  I'm going to be posting up some simple planet models soon.

Cool- What are you going to be using for the models? paper?

Yep.  Some simple icosahedral models and some 60 sided deltoidal hexeconteherdron models that are simple to put together but take quite a while to cut out...but for all practical purposes look spherical.

Wait. Please make a how-to for the orrery!  I've been searching for one forever!!!

The one I'm making is based off of someone else's plans that you have to purchase.  You also need to have a scroll saw...and be pretty good with it.  

Hmm.  Please do make a how-to or at least post some pictures because these are sooo expensive and I've never seen a homemade one.

I can't really find the size of all of the gears for the planets- what size are yours?  And are there any more detailed pictures of the orrery you are building?

If I re build it...I could put periodic (hah!) posts up on my progress along with some information about gears and orrereys etc.

Hmm... These links are nice, but where's Venus?  Also, I found a how-to for wooden gears where you can print off templates and you cut them out on wood by drilling.

I think I just forgot to take pictures of the venus gears.  They are there in the stack though...right above mercury.

I found it!  This is it.  I just searched copernican planetary Venus and it came up.

Hah!  That's funny.  Yeah...I really need to build this project again and actually complete it...  

Why don't you just start where you left off?  I am going to do this though.  I have printed out the templates and I will soon cut out the plywood.  What thickness did you use?  1/2 inch?

Also be careful on'll want a drill press to make sure the holes are perpendicular.  They make cheap ones for handheld drills if you don't have a standalone unit.

Thanks!  That really did help, but I don't think I have the right tools...  Any way to custom order the gears online?

Not with these plans.  A decent scroll saw costs 150 bucks.  So not all that bad.

Because...I don't think I did a good job of drilling the centers...these gears are big enough that if the centers aren't drilled right there is going to be lots of friction and some possible binding.  I think it would work...but I really want it to be a smooth I'll take 8 hours and re do's only one day and I can be happier with the result. 

Yes, my plans were for 1/2 inch ply.  Use baltic birch...the good hobby stuff.  It's expensive but the other stuff will warp and have knots, and gaps...It's worth the extra expense.

I cant seem to find any sites... Can I get a link?  If I cant find any I might  make one myself...

Link for plans?  Or?

No, for the drill press adapter for handheld drills. 

Ah.  I'll look this afternoon when I get a chance.  I know I've seen them somewhere

Also, do you know where to print a template of the zodiac/month/day ring that goes around the whole thing?

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